Unshackled Ministries, Inc. worked with the prison population for the past 14 years via the New Life Center. With years of success, Unshackled Ministries has partnered with other community service providers creating the New Life Comprehensive Resource Center (NLCRC), the perfect link between the Prince George’s County government and returning citizens. The NLCRC coordinates all necessary resources and services for individuals returning to the Prince George’s County community.


The New Life Comprehensive Resource Center provides:


1. Oversight to various entities as they work together to provide services to returning citizens, whether adult men or women.


​2. A central resource through which services such as unite, connections with supporters and future employers can be fostered, and service effectiveness can be measured.


3. A comprehensive system that connects resources and individuals, offers education and sensitivity training, and connects government and correctional facilities with church and community agencies. Through these connections, the NLCRC’s goal is achieve better understanding of the community population and obtain better results.


4. Opportunities for returning citizens to utilize viable resources that will enhance quality of life. The NLCRC will provide legal and useful options to returning citizens, while simultaneously helping clients to eliminate generational and opportunistic choices that ultimately serve to destroy the self and the community.


5. A collaborative approach to best practice reentry services. NLCRC serves the community by channeling the efforts of returning citizens, through services that provide a safer community to these individuals. NLCRC’s goal is to provide resources that help returning citizens to feel united with data collection and monitoring, to ensure effectiveness to all vested parties.


6. Hands-on services to retuning citizens of Prince George’s County. The services offered to clientele will include counseling, mentoring, life skills training and job placement, family reunification, post-secondary education, and housing location services.


Rev. Dr. Carl Felton


Doctor of Ministry, Master of Theology, Biblical Studies Certificate, Certified Instructor Prison Fellowship, Chairman of Prison Ministry Progressive National Baptist Convention, Program Founder, over 30 - years in prison ministry experience.

Rev. Dr. Yvonne Felton


Doctor of Ministry, Master of Education, Master of Divinity, Women’s Prison Ministry 6 years, Certified Instructor Healing Communities